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 ====== News ======  ====== News ====== 
 +  * 2022-06 [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE2]] Data Descriptor published in Nature Scientific Data. Take a look [[pub:research#scidata2022|at the paper]] and do not hesitate to use our dataset in your research!
 +  * 2021-11 Two more papers on the [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE experiments]] have been published. Take a look at [[pub:research#mrc2021a|analysis of BIRAFFE2]] and the [[pub:research#mrc2021b|development of affective game for BIRAFFE3]].
 +  * 2021-11 As a part of [[|AIRA seminar series]], [[pub:kkt|Krzysztof Kutt]] will highlight the key findings of research conducted by AfCAI team during previous years. The seminar will start on Thursday 18.11.2021 at 15:30. //See [[]] for more details.//
 +  * 2021-01 [[pub:kkt|Krzysztof Kutt]] received a research minigrant in the [[|DigiWorld Priority Research Area UJ]]. The project named "Personality, Affective Context and the Brain (PANBA)" is aimed at analyzing data from the [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE2 experiment]] and preparing a new research procedure that includes the use of EEG.
 +  * 2020-12 Two new papers related to our [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE]] series of experiments have been published. [[pub:research#mrc2020|The first one]] describes the latest generation of affective games and is included in the proceedings of the MRC 2020 workshop. [[pub:research#sensors2021|The second paper]], published in [[|Sensors]] (**IF 3.275**), contains a summary of the [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE1]] experiment.
 +  * 2020-08 Our three papers will be presented during workshops @ECAI 2020. Let's talk about Framework for Affective Games' Experiments [[|@MRC]] and our [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE2]] dataset [[|@HAII]]. We will also present some recent results from [[|PACMEL grant]] during [[|KR4L]]. [[|ECAI conference is fully online this year]], so it is easier to join many fascinating events - let's meet there together!
 +  * 2020-06 [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE2]] Dataset from our 2nd Study in **Bi**o-**R**eactions **a**nd **F**aces **f**or **E**motion-based Personalization for AI Systems (ECG, GSR, gamepad movements, facial expressions, personality traits, game questionnaire and more), the result of our experiment that had place in the winter 2020, is now available under the [[|CC BY-NC-ND 4.0]] licence at **[[|Zenodo]]**! :-)
 +  * 2019-09 [[pub:biraffe|BIRAFFE dataset]] (**Bi**o-**R**eactions **a**nd **F**aces **f**or **E**motion-based Personalization) with ECG and GSR signals, facial expressions, personality traits and more, collected by us in the spring 2019, is now available under the [[|CC BY-NC-ND 4.0]] licence at **[[|Zenodo]]**! :-)
 +  * 2019-07 [[pub:workshops#the_afcai_2019_workshop|AfCAI 2019]] workshop announced, it will be held on 11-12 November in Cartagena, Spain
 +  * 2019-06 [[research#Sensors2019]] paper on the use of wearable sensors for providing affect-based adaptation in Ambient Intelligence (AmI) systems
 +  * 2019-06 [[research#ICAISC2019]] paper on the affective game prototypes developed by the AfCAI team
 +  * 2018-10 [[research#CoSECiVi2018]] paper on the development of mobile software platform for emotion identification using wearable devices
   * 2018-08 [[research#GEM2018]] paper on the affective game design patterns   * 2018-08 [[research#GEM2018]] paper on the affective game design patterns
   * 2018-07 [[|PLUX]] the company behind Bitalino [[|mentions our comparative study from ICAISC2018]]   * 2018-07 [[|PLUX]] the company behind Bitalino [[|mentions our comparative study from ICAISC2018]]
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